Perimatic GP Dispnsr,110-240v

SKU: 4702-56026

   The Perimatic range of peristaltic pump dispensers are designed fro rapid but  
    controlled filiing of a variety of containers with out splashing or frothing.    
    The Perimatic GP represents a lower cost alternative to the Premier yet still    
    offers many of its attractive features.  Can also used as a trasnfer pump in   
    forward or reverse mode.  
    Microprocessor calibration 
    Memory to store calibration values,volumes & setups for various tubing sizes  
    Dispense speed control handles most liquids
    Reverse priming option minimises waste    
    XY module interface    
    Pre-programmed user selectable languages    
    Manual dispensing by hand or footswitch    
    Automatic dispensing with interval timer    
    Sequential slow/fast/slow dispensing    
    Supplied with three sets of silicone tubing assemblies (3x7mm,5x9mm,8x12mm &
    Dispensing range: 1ml to>10L
    Accuracy: 5ml/10ml/25ml - ±1.5%/±1.0%/±0.7%   
    Repeatability: 5ml/10ml/25ml - ±1.75%/±1.0%/±0.5%   
    Max/min tube bore, mm: 8/3  
    Tube wall thickness,mm: 2    
    Pumping rate,ml/sec: 2.1 to 22.0   
    Power: 220-240V/110V-120V    
    Dual Selectable voltage: 50x60Hz, 90W    
    Dimensions (LxWxH)mm: 290xx250x150w    
    Weight: 7 kg