CO2 Tank Switch,115V

SKU: 6727-00115
Provides automatic switching from main tank to auxiliary tank
Rear panel has hose barbs for gas connection
9x5x7" mounts on top of any standard CO2 incubator
Alarm sounds when tank pressure drops below 5 psi
Do not exceed 50psi.
Tun on the power switch located on the back of the unit. The light by the tank
currently in use (TANK 1 or TANK 2) will come on.  When the tank pressure drops
below 5 PSI the alarm will sound momentarily while the unit switches to the othe
tank.  If the second tank is also at a pressure less than 5 PSI the alarm will
continue to sound until the TANK SWITCH is turned off or pressure is restored.
The tanks may also be switched manually by depressing the button labled
TANK SWITCH.  During this switching procedure the alarm will sound until
the button is no longer depressed.
FYI:Tubing information:
Clear polyurethane tubing
5/16" OD x 3/16" ID