R/I CO2 Incubator, 115V

SKU: 7727-00115

   Microprocessor temperature control   
    infrared CO2 control   
    digital set point and temperature display   
    independent over-temp protection   
    All SST interior and shelves (6 included)   
    5 interior 1amp outlets (4 back wall; 1 ceiling)   
    accepts all Bellco roller apparatus(accepts brushless bttm drive 10dk)   
    850 CRATED = 645 CARDBOARD w/Pallet   
    Temp range: ambient +5 to 70C   
    Temp sensitivity:  ± .01C   
    Temp uniformity: ± 0.25C at 37C   
    CO2 range: 0-20%, PSI = 5 to 40
    CO2 uniformity ± 0.1% at 5% CO2   
    Capacity: 40cf (1133L)   
    Ext dims: 41x34x87" (104x86x221cm)   
    Int dims: 35x26x76.5 (89x66x193cm)   
    CO2 recovery rate: <5 minutes   
    Shelf dims: 34x24" (87x61cm)   
    unit wt. 850 lbs   
    6727-00115 CO2 tank switch   
    A512-374   pressure regulator   


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