Bellenium Motion Alarm,Digital - Factory Installed Only

SKU: 7785-11111

1.Press the stirrer’s power switch to the “ON” position. The green LED indicator will light indicating that the unit is in operation.
2.When the power is switched on, the alarm is activated. It will typically sound until the magnets begin to rotate. This acts as a self test of the alarm system.

Note: If the alarm does not sound when the unit is turned on, turn the unit off, and restart. This may be a result of the magnet stopping directly over the sensor when it was last turned off. Repeated restarts without triggering of the alarm indicates a possible problem (see “Testing the Alarm” below).

3. With a normal rotation of 15 RPM or higher, the alarm will remain silent during operation.
4. To silence the alarm after it has been triggered, press the “ALARM SILENCE” button on the back
panel of the magnetic stirrer.
5. The alarm will reset and become silent once motion is detected.

With the Stirrer in operation (i.e. Spinning at greater than 15 RPM), reduce the speed to zero. The alarm should sound. Increase the speed to greater than 15 RPM and the alarm will reset and shut off.

There are no serviceable parts associated with the Motion Failure Alarm; contact Bellco Service Repair should your unit fail to operate properly.