1 P Proc Stirr Comp, 8L-230V

SKU: 7785-P1208

Number of Positions: One (1)
Max. Flask Size: 36 Liter
Speed Range: 15-500rpm
Dimensions: 18"W x 20"D x 3 3/8"T (45x50x8.5cm)
Power Consumption: 11 Watts (max.)
Electrical: 230VAC/24VDC fused at 1 amp

RS-485 Communications (For monitoring & control) - Software not included
The RS-485 Port is provided for process control and monitoring by a remote controller (e.g. Computer). It provides communications to the controller using standard RS-485 protocols through an RJ-12 jack. It is designed to be used with standard laboratory networking software, but may also be used with any custom software that supports RS-485 communication.