Dual BBC3 FM System, 7L-115V

SKU: 7922-20007

Key Features & Benefits

•No threaded head plate ports - sanitary design
•Ring and tripod design - very stable
•Ample head plate ports - flexible configurations
•Superior single mechanical seal - simple to maintain
•High quality materials - sanitary and long life
•Custom head plate & vessel configurations – flexible
•High speed & torque motor – for all applications
•Standard geometries – optimizes mixing, & scaling


Total Volume: 7.7L
Support Module: 4 Rotometers / 2 Valves / 6 Pumps
Pumps: 5.0mL per minute max
Working Volume: 5L (@ H/D=1.3)
Minimum Volume: 1L
Stainless Steel: 316L, Electropolished, Ra32µ inch or better
Stand: Aluminum rings with stainless legs
Glass: Type 1, Class A Borosilicate Glass
Heating Blanket: 7.25” x 24.25” (184 x 616mm) 225W
Elastomers: Silicone, meets 21 CFR 177.2600
Ports: 10 – 10mm
8 – 18mm
1 – Center, for stirrer
Seal Type: Single mechanical
Motor Type: Brushed DC, high torque, 0 to 1200 rpm
Graduations: 1L to 5.5L in 500mL increments
*Software not included

Consists of:

Bioreactor Vessel, 7L
Metric Head Plate, 7L
Metric Bioreactor Stand, 7L
Cooling Finger Assy, 3L
Metric 3-Port Tube Assy
Additional/Vent Pipe Assy
St Harvesting Pipe Assy, 7L
Cooling Finger Assy, 7L
Baffle Assembly,7L
Thermowell Pipe Assy, 7L
L-Shaped Sparger W/Holes,7L
Metric Condenser Assy, 7L
Straight Sample Pipe Assy, 7L
Speed, pH, DO, Temperature & Anti-foam x 2
Agitation: Rushton Impeller
Gases: Air & CO2
Flow Rates:7512ml/min (Air) / 482ml/min (CO2)
Controller Dimensions: 20 1/4" L x 11" W x 8 11/16" H
Support Module Dimensions: 20 1/4" L x 11" W x 6 11/16" H
Screen Size: 6.5"
Blind Port Plug Assy,10mm
Blind Port Plug Assy,18mm
Metric Drive Stem Assy, 7L
Rushton Impeller Assy,7L
Drive Motor Assy, 3-7L
7L Heating Blanket,115V
Aseptic Sample System,50mL
Cooling 1 Valve Assy,115V
Optional DO SST Cap
Silicone Tubing 25', 3/32"OD
Silicone Tubing 25', 1/8"OD
Silicone Tubing 25', 5/32"OD
Cable Ties, PKG/25
Pressure Relief Valve
AcroDisc Filter Barbed, PKG/4
Silicone Septum STOPPER,13mm
pH Cable, 6'
EASYFERM+ K8 pH Probe,12x325mm
OXYFERM DO Probe,12x325mm
Anti-Foam Assy, 7L
DO Probe Cable 4 Pin, 6'
RTD Temperature Sensor,14
BBC3 Dual,Sp,pH,DO,Temp,AF
Dual Support Module, 7L-115V