Dual BBC3 FM System,15L-115V

SKU: 7922-20015

Key Features & Benefits

• No threaded head plate ports - sanitary design
• Ring and tripod design - very stable
• Ample head plate ports - flexible configurations
• Superior single mechanical seal - simple to maintain
• High quality materials - sanitary and long life
• Custom head plate & vessel configurations – flexible
• High speed & torque motor – for all applications
• Standard geometries – optimizes mixing, & scaling


Total Volume: 16.2L
Working Volume: 10L (@ H/D=1.2)
Pumps: 5.0mL per minute max
Support Module: 2 Rotometers / 1 Valves / 3 Pumps
Minimum Volume: 1.5L
Speed, pH, DO, Temperature & Anti-foam x 2
Agitation: Rushton Impeller
Gases: Air & CO2
Flow Rates:1570ml/min (Air) / 482ml/min (CO2)
Controller Dimensions: 20 1/4" L x 11" W x 8 11/16" H
Support Module Dimensions: 20 1/4" L x 11" W x 6 11/16" H
Screen Size: 6.5"
Stainless Steel: 316L, Electropolished, Ra=32µ inch or better
Stand: Aluminum rings with stainless legs
Glass: Type 1, Class A Borosilicate Glass
Heating Blanket: 9” x 31.75” (228.6 x 806.5mm) 385W
Elastomers: Silicone, meets 21 CFR 177.2600
Ports: 12 – 10mm
8 – 18mm
1 – Center, for stirrer
Seal Type: Single mechanical
Motor Type: Brushed DC, high torque, 0 to 1000 rpm
Graduations: 2L to 11L in 1L increments
*Software not included

Consists of:

Bioreactor Vessel, 15L
Metric Head Plate, 15L
Metric Bioreactor Stand, 15L
DO & pH Probe Holder Assy
Metric 3-Port Tube Assy
Additional/Vent Pipe Assy
Cooling Coil Assy, 15L
L-Shaped Sparger W/Holes,15L
St Harvesting Pipe Assy, 15L
Baffle Assembly,15L
Thermowell Pipe Assy, 15L
Straight Sample Pipe Assy, 15L
Addition Vent Port,15L
Blind Port Plug Assy,10mm
Blind Port Plug Assy,18mm
Metric Drive Stem Assy, 15L
Rushton Impeller Assy,15L
Drive Motor Assy, 15L
15L Heating Blanket, 115V
Aseptic Sample System,50mL
Cooling 1 Valve Assy,115V
Optional DO SST Cap
Silicone Tubing 25', 3/32"OD
Silicone Tubing 25', 1/8"OD
Silicone Tubing 25', 5/32"OD
Cable Ties, PKG/25
Pressure Relief Valve
AcroDisc Filter Barbed, PKG/4
Silicone Septum STOPPER,13mm
pH Cable, 6'
EASYFERM+ K8 pH Probe,12x425mm
OXYFERM DO Probe,12x425mm
Anti-Foam Assy, 15L
DO Probe Cable 4 Pin, 6'
RTD Temperature Sensor,14
BBC3 Dual,Sp,pH,DO,Temp,AF
Dual Support Module,15L-115V