Gen.Purpose Inc. 2.0cu ft,115V

SKU: 7727-82115

Basic General Purpose Incubator
Capacity: 2.0cu Ft
Interior Dimensions: 17x12x17" (43x30.5x43cm) WxDxH
Exterior Dimensions: 21x17.5x25" (53x44x64cm) WxDxH
Temperature Range: 5°C above ambient to 70°C
Temperature Uniformity: ±0.5°C @ 37°C
Volts: 120V
Hertz: 50/60Hz
Watts: 265W
Amperage: 2.8A
Shelving: Two (2) SST (6 max.) adjustable @ 1/2" increments
Access Port:
Interior Outlet:
UL Listed
• Fully Adjustable Shelves
• Gravity Convection
• Hydraulic Temperature Controller
• Positive Lock Door Latch
• 12month Warranty

For routine incubations of small workload.
Efficient gravity convection heating is supplied by economical low watt-
density heating elements, which are surrounded by a unique shield to
protect against spills inside the chamber. Temperature is regulated by a
dependable hydraulic controller, & the chamber is insulated with 2 of
industrial fiberglass to minimize heat loss, & maximize temperature uniformity.

For extra SST Shelf - see 7727-82111