Roll-in Shelf Cart

SKU: 7728-96000

The Bellco Roll-in Shelf cart is a mobile unit designed for transporting glass-
ware & equipment from one location to another or as an easy method of
loading the Bellco Roll-in Incubator. The cart is mounted on four (4) heavy
duty bearing swivel castors able to support approx. 750lbs. The loaded No
cart can easily be rolled in the Bellco Roll-in Incubator via the castor guides
located on the incubator interior floor. The cart comes with two (2) vented
shelves which are adjustable & may be mounted at 6 1/8" intervals along
the corner support posts. Additional shelves may be ordered under part
number D504-1. The cart is capable of supporting two (2) 36 liter & two (2)
15 liter spinner flasks complete with OHD drives or a variety of smaller
flasks & other assorted laboratory equipment. No
The cart is constructed of 1/8" alumminum & is finished with an Olivetti
white textured paint. The unit is shipped un-assembled in a flat carton &
is easily assembled with ordinary had tools. ( not supplied)

HEIGHT: 55 1/2" (141cm)
WIDTH: 32 3/34" (83.2cm)
DEPTH: 25 1/2" (64.8cm)