BBC3 Single,Sp,pH,DO,Temp

SKU: 7919-1111000

Bellco Bio Controller, Single (1S1P1D1T)
Bellco digital controller with 6.5" touch screen & SST enclosure
to operate one vessel with sensor inputs for speed, pH, DO, & Temp.
Dimensions: 11" W x 20 1/4" D x 8 11/16" T
Right Side:
Loop Sensor Parameter Control to Actuator
card below above
0 RPM 1 Speed Motor Control Motor Control DACO
1 Temp 1 Temp Heating Blanket 115V Outlet SSR
2 pH 1 pH Base Pump Acid Pump 5vSSR
3 DO DO Base Pump ------------ 5vSSR
Right Panel:
DO1 pH1 Temperature 1
Left Panel:
Network No
Rear Panel:
Aux. Com. Port
Com. 1 port
Com. 2 port
Power; 115VAC\60Hz\3A