SST Probe CapSeal, 3L

SKU: 1965-60034

The Stainless Steel 100mm IOB Probe Cap seal is manufactured from 316L stainless steel and has a red-silicone sealing gasket with a 100mm blue polypropylene screw cap. The SST Probe Cap seal has four accessory ports surrounding a centrally located internal impeller assembly. Two of these ports accept " accessories and have a white silicone plug inside a threaded cap that acts as a compression fitting for probe insertion. Two ports accept Œ" accessories using the same silicone compression plugs and threaded caps. These compression plugs make it easy to adjust the insertion length of probes or straight tubes depending upon the working volume of the bioreactor flask. The SST cap seal, SST/PTFE impeller and all fittings are steam autoclavable.