Bio-Probe Comp,1L

SKU: 1965-97001

The new Bio-Probe Low Volume Spinner Flasks are designed especially for those applications where very small working volumes are required.The unique feature of these flasks is the placement of 32mm sidearms below and slightly in front of the standard 45mm sidearms. Working volumes can thus be reduced to 200mL (in the 1L flask) and 500mL (in the 3L flask). The 32mm sidearm accepts a compression fitting (sold separately) that will allow a 12mm probe to be secured in the sidearm.Monitoring of dissolved oxygen, pH, etc, can be achieved without interference from stirring paddles or port/thermowell assemblies.Both 45mm and 32mm sidearms are shipped with blue polypropylene solid caps and the 45mm sizes also include blue PP pouring rings. Complete Flask includes Impeller Assy.


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